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AZ Senate Votes to Repeal 1864 Near-Total Abortion Ban

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The Arizona Senate voted to repeal the state’s 1864 near-total abortion ban, with two Republicans joining all Democrats.

The repeal now goes to Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs for signing.

“While this repeal is essential for protecting women’s lives, it is just the beginning of our fight to protect reproductive healthcare in Arizona,” Gov. Katie Hobbs stated.

This would make Arizona’s 15-week limit the new law. Pro-life groups oppose repealing the 1864 ban and want Republicans to defend the 15-week limit.

“We mourn for the loss of the children who would have been protected and the mothers who would have received life-affirming help to address their holistic needs under Arizona’s strongest pro-life law,” SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser stated.

Democrats plan to argue the 15-week limit lacks exceptions and target vulnerable GOP legislators.

They also aim to pass a constitutional amendment establishing abortion access that would override the 15-week ban.

“Between now and November, the far Left and pro-abortion forces will spend tens of millions of dollars to muddy the waters, fearmonger, and sow confusion to advance an extreme abortion agenda. Their goal is to repeal Arizona’s 15-week abortion law and replace it with a constitutional amendment that would allow unlimited painful late-term abortions in the fifth, sixth, seventh month of pregnancy and beyond. Kari Lake and all GOP candidates and elected officials must bring clarity to Arizona voters by campaigning vigorously in support of Arizona’s 15-week protection with exceptions and in opposition to the extreme no-limits abortion amendment.”

“As Republicans regroup to defend their 15-week ban and work to undermine the upcoming abortion ballot measure in Arizona, we are focused on flipping the two seats in each chamber that will deliver Democratic majorities in Arizona’s legislature,” stated Heather Williams, president of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

The political landscape in Arizona around abortion remains in flux as litigation continues.

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