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Attorney General Calls Out Biden Admin Plan That Would Effectively Ban Christians From Fostering Children

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A proposed rule by the Biden administration that would require foster parents to adhere to a child’s chosen gender identity, potentially excluding faithful Christian families, has come under major criticism.

Republican attorneys general have criticized the proposal, arguing it violates religious freedom and would harm the foster care system.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall wrote that it “violates the Constitution and discriminates against people who practice the Christian faith.”

“The proposed rule infringes on the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech, fundamental rights preserved by the First Amendment,” the letter reads.

“The Supreme Court has repeatedly rejected attempts by the government to exclude foster care providers based on religious beliefs or to mandate speech on private actors.

“The proposed rule also will harm children, harm families, and harm States, all to advance an ideology. HHS should reject the proposed rule.”

The experts also highlighted the importance of faith-based organizations in providing homes for children in need.

The proposal reads, “Federal law also requires that for children ages 14 and over, agencies must consult with them about their case plans.”

Agencies are to “review requirements for children in foster care who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, as well as children who are non-binary, or have non-conforming gender identity or expression (all of whom are referred to under the umbrella term LGBTQI+ for purposes of this regulation).”

“Joe Biden continues to harass our State and others like it by implicitly threatening to withhold federal funding for children in need if we do not conform to his ideology, but our values are not for sale,” Marshall said.

“Since the first century, Christians across the globe have answered the call to provide a home and a family to children who had neither,” he added.

“Alabama boasts a particularly strong faith-based foster care and adoption community, and I will fight this Administration for them every step of the way.”

Many believe the proposed rule will have a terrible impact on both children and the family unit, accusing it of being driven by radical progressive ideology.

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