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GOP Rep. Stumbles Under CNN Anchor’s Fact Check

via Fox Business
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CNN’s Boris Sanchez repeatedly fact-checked and pushed back on claims made by Rep. Tim Burchett about President Biden’s alleged involvement in his family’s business dealings.

Hunter Biden said in his opening statement, “I did not involve my father in my business.”

He added, “For more than a year, your committees have hunted me in your partisan political pursuit of my dad. You have trafficked in innuendo, distortion, and sensationalism—all the while ignoring the clear and convincing evidence staring you in the face.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz said, “This was a bribe masquerading as an international business transaction—nothing more, nothing less.”

When Burchett asserted $20 million flowed to the Biden family from foreign interests, the anchor noted bank records show $15M went to associates, not the family, and questioned how much went to Biden as VP.

Burchett pivoted to loans between Biden and his brother, which the anchor said were separate matters.

Throughout, the anchor dismissed Burchett’s references to shell companies and lack of evidence, saying the committee has shown zero proof Biden abused power or enriched his family.

Sanchez said, “I’m curious about the $20 million, sir, because the actual bank records show that $15 million of that money actually went to Biden family associates, not the Biden family. About $5 million of it did go to Hunter.”

“But I’m curious, specifically, how much of that money you‘re alleging went to Vice President Joe Biden back when he was in the White House?” he asked Burchett.

Burchett referenced “20 so-called shell companies,” along with multiple loans.

Sanchez said, “Those two are conflated though, because the $200,000 was—according to documents that are coming out from the Oversight Committee—a loan that Joe Biden gave to his brother, James. That was then paid back. The documents support that it was a loan. And that also happened in 2017 when Joe Biden was not vice president.”

“And then you have the pickup truck money that was apparently given to Hunter Biden when he was struggling through his addiction, and that money was then given back by Hunter to his father,” explained the CNN anchor.

Sanchez said, “Also supported by documentation, also happening in 2018 when Mike Pence was vice president.”

Burchett admitted, “I don’t know, but if it’s a dollar and he‘s lied about it and you‘ve got to ask what was the influence there. What is the brand? The brand is the Biden family.”

“The brand is they’re not selling a service, they’re not selling a product. He has no qualifications for this, the only reason he was there was because he was Joe Biden’s son or he was Joe Biden’s brother,” he continued.

Burchett exclaimed, “There’s $20 million that flowed through. You saw these accounts.”

“That’s incorrect,” Sanchez shot back.

“I looked at the bank records. They don’t say that Joe Biden got any money. Have you read the bank records? I’m not going to let you say things that are untrue, sir!” declared the CNN host.

Burchett accused the anchor of not letting him answer, while the anchor accused the lawmaker of repeating talking points.

“But you‘re not giving me an honest answer, sir, you are repeating a talking point!” charged Sanchez.

Overall, the ten-minute interview saw the anchor counter nearly all of Burchett’s allegations about business records and testimony regarding Hunter Biden.

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