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Trump issues grave warning to Hannity on Fox News

via Forbes Breaking News
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Former President Trump criticized President Biden’s handling of the Mexican border, calling it a “war zone” and accusing Mexico of not cooperating.

Trump expressed concerns about migrants from rival nations entering the US and suggested they could pose security threats.

“We have a lot coming in from Iran,” Trump said. “We have a lot coming in from places we’re fighting right now.”

He highlighted the demographic composition of migrants and criticized the treatment they receive compared to US veterans.

Trump praised Texas’ response under GOP Gov. Greg Abbott but criticized Democratic governors in other border states.

“And Mexico is doing nothing to help us. They’re letting the caravans come unimpeded‚Ķ something has to be done,” Trump said.

“You don’t see women, and you don’t see men much older than that. It’s from 18 to 25 [or] 26 years old,” Trump said.

“The only good thing is it makes our prisoners look like very nice people, I’ll tell you, because these are rough people that are coming in,” he said.

“If you come in illegally into our country, you get things and this is why they’re coming: The incentive is so great,” he said.

He commended New York Mayor Eric Adams for his efforts amid the migrant surge.

“He wants to do a job but it’s just impossible,” Trump said of Adams.

Trump blamed Biden for violent migrant crimes and accused him of negligence.

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