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Whoopi Goldberg unloads on ‘clickbait’ reporting on student anti-Israel protests

via The View
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The View co-hosts discussed ongoing student protests against Israel on college campuses.

Whoopi Goldberg criticized media coverage for only showing “clickbait” of extreme protests rather than peaceful ones.

“Part of our problem is the media takes what is the best clickbait. So, you see the same posters or you see the same people, but you don’t see the folks who are doing peaceful stuff and saying, ‘here’s what we want to do.’ I would caution the media to be very careful about what they’re doing, and how they’re handling this, because what they seem to be doing is pushing a narrative that people are pushing against, which students are pushing against, which I’m thrilled to see, because I like when students get mad and say, ‘we want a change made,’” Goldberg said.

She cautioned media to be careful in pushing narratives students oppose.

Sunny Hostin argued the protests should be called “anti-war” instead of taking sides, and that criticism of government policies is not antisemitism but comes from the authoritarian far-right.

“So, it has never been in my life, in my career, criticizing policies of government is equated with antisemitism. And that, I think, is a far-right, it comes from the far-right. It comes from the authoritarian leanings, where they don’t want students on these campuses to voice their opinions because they want to change the narrative going forward. And I think we have to be very, very careful about that,” Hostin said.

Sara Haines said some protests effectively shut down campuses.

Ana Navarro lectured protesters for not supporting Biden over Trump and warned cutting off their nose to spite their face by not voting in November.

“The only thing I want to remind Americans, though, as they’re protesting is, you know, and we heard it. We’ve heard it. We’ve heard them call Joe Biden a genocidal assassin and all sorts of things. There is not one group that anybody is protesting over that will be better off under Donald Trump. So be very careful that you don’t cut off your nose to spite your face by not showing up to vote in November,” Navarro said.

While condemning antisemitism, the co-hosts expressed support for peaceful protest but differed on framing of the issues.

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