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The Chilling Truth About Israel-Hamas War

via TBN Israel on Youtube
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The interview discusses the conflict between the United States and Iran, with Rep. Mike Turner stating that Iran views the conflict as a proxy war against the West.

He calls for increased efforts to protect American troops in Syria and Iraq from Iranian proxies and criticizes the Biden administration for not securing the release of Americans held by Hamas.

Turner expresses concern that the delay in releasing American citizens could be used as a bargaining chip by Hamas. (Trending: Biden’s Mental Decline Getting Even Worse)

Kristen Welker said to Turner, “Let me ask you about Iran. Do you big picture see — we know that Iran obviously funds Hamas — do you see this as a proxy war between the United States and Iran?

“Oh, absolutely. And they see it as their proxy. I mean, they stated it is. And they state that it is their proxy war against the West, explained Turner.

“Should the U.S. take action against Iran, if it continues to escalate?” followed up the NBC host.

Rep. Mike Turner responded, “I think we currently are taking action against their proxies.”

“Direct military action? remarked Welker.

“Against their proxies,” confirmed Turner.

“I do think the administration should step up its effort in protecting our own troops in Syria and Iraq who have been subjected to attacks from Iranian proxies. But you’re right. These are absolutely Iranian franchises funded, trained and stood up as terrorist organizations to attack the West,” he explained.

“I think, you know, when the administration says they know every detail and then tell you that they don’t even know if they’re alive, that is certainly concerning,” confessed the lawmaker.

Adding, “Also, the aspect as you raised in the interview is the Red Cross is supposed to be having access now to the remaining hostages. So we’re supposed to be getting information as to, you know, what their condition is, who is being held. Because the hostage lists today are based on people who are missing.”

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