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Dad Strips Down To Crop Top At Board Meeting To Protest School Dress Code

via AZFamily | Arizona News

An Arizona father, Ira Latham, protested a proposed school dress code that would allow tank tops and midriff exposure by stripping down to a crop top and short shorts at a school board meeting.

He expressed concerns about the policy’s impact on classroom environment and teachers, stating that it did not promote a safe learning space.

Latham emphasized the need to prepare students for the workforce and set appropriate expectations.

“As a parent, I expect the district to be able to enforce policies that help my children be able to go to class and know how they can contribute to a safe classroom environment as well as limiting the needless distractions in class,” Latham stated.

“This policy does not do that,” he added.

“I also think that it brings a lot of unnecessary pressure on teachers having to deal with the vagueness of this policy.”

“Because I have no other way to describe my concerns about this policy, I’ll do an object lesson,” he pressed.

“Now if you ask me, this is inappropriate for a board meeting,” he said.

“If you have a dress code policy that allows this in a classroom, it does not promote a safe classroom environment, as well as limiting the amount of distractions in a classroom.”

“The dress code that they wanted to get to is just basically a dress code for a public pool. Make sure that kids cover their underwear and that’s about it,” he later said.

Other parents also voiced concerns about potential bullying and the need for a clear and dignified dress code.

Despite objections, the board voted 3-2 to approve the dress code change.

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