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‘Woke’ Miss Universe Pageant Goes Bankrupt

via Miss Universe

The Miss Universe organization has filed for bankruptcy just before its next main event, with a Thai business tycoon and transgender activist purchasing the franchise for $20 million in 2022.

The decision to allow transgender contestants in the pageant has sparked controversy, with a judge arguing against their participation, citing concerns about women’s empowerment and the authenticity of their life experiences.

The event is set to feature at least two transgender contestants for the first time, leading to heated debate about the inclusion of transgender women in women’s industries. (Trending: Eight Republicans Who Shamefully Sided With Democrats Over Impeachment)

“I think the outrage about a trans woman coming to Miss Universe and preaching, ‘Bring the power back to women,’ couldn’t be more of an oxymoron,” said Emily Austin

Adding, “I think her company in Thailand has its own financial issues.”

“But socially and morally it’s just wrong. And people are starting to catch on that,” she insisted.

“If you want to empower women, the way to do it is not demeaning women and belittling women by allowing men, or biological men who became a woman, to come into an industry like sports, like beauty pageants, come all dolled-up plastic — [they’re] beautiful men, by the way — and start dominating women’s industries,” charged Austin.

“That’s the opposite of women’s empowerment,” Austin explained.

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