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Trump Gets Another Big Endorsement

via CNN
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Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas has endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 election, making him the 13th senator to support Trump.

Marshall criticized President Biden’s leadership, particularly in areas such as agriculture, energy, immigration, and the economy.

“Since the day Joe Biden stepped foot in the Oval Office, this White House declared war on American agriculture and American energy independence in pursuit of their Green New Deal agenda and electric vehicle mandates,” Marshall said.

“Joe Biden declared war on American sovereignty by opening our borders, ceding control to the cartels, allowing nearly 10 million illegal aliens into our country, and permitting lethal fentanyl to pour into our communities — killing 300 Americans a day,” he added.

“Along with an onslaught of strangling regulations, Joe Biden declared war on our economy by unleashing a level of federal spending never seen in modern history, causing the highest inflation and interest rates that we’ve seen in decades.”

“In less than three years, Joe Biden has failed us on the world stage, allowing wars through weakness instead of peace through strength.”

“Amid Joe Biden’s totally absent leadership, he has also completely abandoned our Christian values and undermined our constitutional rights.”

“Farm country is struggling,” he continued.

“Every day, the American dream is being pushed further out of reach.”

“We need an America-first leader back in the White House who fights for families in the Heartland and the values we live by.”

The departure of Sen. Tim Scott from the primary has left Trump as the only candidate with Senate support.

Meanwhile, Trump has garnered endorsements from other Senate Republicans and has a significant lead in national polling averages, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley trailing behind.

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