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Bombshell January 6 Audio Released By Former Capitol Police Officer

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Bombshell January 6 audio

Former Capitol Police Officer Tarik Johnson has released 12 hours of J6 police scanner audio, suggesting that Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman did not provide proper assistance to Chief Steven Sund in getting National Guard to protect the Electoral College during the Capitol riots.

Chief Sund had

Former Capitol Police Chief Sund had warned Congress multiple times about the danger prior to the riots.


“Here we go… Episode 1,” Johnson posted. “The mainstream media is telling you that J6 was an insurrection. Please tell me if the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman were heroic and proper,” he added.

Radio traffic

“To give so some context Pittman’s call sign is Unit 2 and she is sitting on a dias in the USCP Commander Center where she can hear the radio traffic and she has a 360 degree view of the outside of the Capitol.”

National Guard

“She can also see the actives inside the Capitol where there is a camera,” he continued. “Chief Steven A Sund was on the phone trying to obtain approval for the National Guard’s assistance and assistance from other law enforcement agencies.”


Johnson plans to release more information on the J6 cover-up, assuring the public of his commitment to revealing the truth.

Releasing information

“I spoke to my lawyer and I told him what my plans are as it relates to releasing information on X about the J6 set-up and the cover-up that ensued after,” Johnson posted.

Legal ramifications

“I wanted to see what if any legal ramifications I’d be facing when I do. He stated he didn’t see any and if something arose we would deal with it together. So it’s a go!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he posted.


“With that said, I ask for everyone to be patient as I’m going to do this right and I have to make another post before I load the 12-hour radio run to my page,” he added.

Audio files

“Additionally, I am not a tech person so I will also have to learn to load large documents and audio files from my computer to X so I’m going to need a little more time. I still have to work in the middle of all this and I’m dealing with family stuff at the same time but you have my word I will get everything done by next week. Hopefully by Wednesday.”


“Some worry that something may happen to me prior to releasing the info. You can rest easy with that. Tom Fitton of Judical Watch has the info along with my attorney.”


“@TPC4USA [Steve Baker] (who you all should be following) has permission to receive the info and do whatever he believes is best with that info in the unlikely event I disappear. The man only wants the truth no matter where it leads,” he added.


“Please know that I am fighting for EVERYONE that was aggrieved from the events of J6 and UNITY in our country,” he continued.

Financial gain

“I’m not doing this for any financial gain now or in the future but for the reasons I listed above by order of the God I serve. I am a LION and I will protect my cubs. In this case they are EVERYONE in the J6 community as you were set-up and that should not have happened to you even if you did wrong things that day.”


“The police from all 17 agencies that responded to the Capitol to defend it as we should have been more prepared that day. All the people that died on J6 or as a result from that day.”


“All whistleblowers from every agency that put their careers in jeopardy and or lost them because they wanted the truth out and saw what was happening to US citizens because of J6.”


“I was on the ground trying to de-escalate the situation specially asking Pittman for help. My call sign was 405J-John.”

Greatest nation

“Thank you for listening and God bless the greatest nation in the world and all the people in it,” he concluded.

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