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Fauci Makes Huge Admissions On Vaccine Mandates And Lab Leak Theory Legitimacy

via BBC News
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Dr. Anthony Fauci faced intense questioning from the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, where he admitted that the six-foot social distancing rule had little scientific basis.

He also acknowledged that the lab-leak hypothesis is not a conspiracy theory and that vaccine mandates might increase hesitancy.

Despite supporting travel restrictions from China, Fauci was accused of playing down the lab-leak theory. (Trending: Clintons Scramble To Delete Embarrassing Photo, But Were Too Slow)

“It just sort of appeared,” wrote the committee, mocking Fauci with his own quote.

“Dr. Fauci acknowledged that the lab-leak hypothesis is not a conspiracy theory,” their statement continued.

“This comes nearly four years after prompting the publication of the now infamous ‘Proximal Origin’ paper that attempted to vilify and disprove the lab-leak hypothesis,” explained the committee.

The committee said Fauci still “advised American universities to impose vaccine mandates on their students.”

The committee wrote that Fauci, “played semantics with the definition of a ‘lab-leak’ in an attempt to cover up the inaccurate conclusions of ‘Proximal Origin.’”

Sen. Wenstrup said, “During his interview today, Dr. Fauci claimed that the policies and mandates he promoted may unfortunately increase vaccine hesitancy for years to come.”

“Further, the social distancing recommendations forced on Americans ‘sort of just appeared’ and were likely not based on scientific data,” he continued.

Wenstrup said the hearing “revealed systemic failures in our public health system and shed a light on serious procedural concerns with our public health authority.”

“It is clear the dissenting opinions were often not considered or suppressed completely,” lamented the lawmaker.

“Should a future pandemic arise, America’s response must be guided by scientific facts and conclusive data,” declared Wenstrup.

The committee highlighted systemic failures in public health and emphasized the need for future responses to be guided by scientific facts and conclusive data.

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