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‘Cannon is a bad judge’: Legal experts say Trump taking advantage of judge’s ‘rookie problem’

via GBNews
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The criminal case against Donald Trump for retaining classified documents after leaving office is facing significant delays and uncertainty.

The judge overseeing the case, Aileen Cannon, has yet to rule on key defense motions or set a trial date despite multiple hearings expected to address these issues.

Legal experts have expressed concerns over Judge Cannon’s relative inexperience and lack of control over the case, noting her willingness to entertain many of Trump’s arguments.

“Judge Cannon is a bad judge and has made bad rulings and has favored Trump at every possible turn, number one,” former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani said.

The handling of classified evidence has also slowed the process due to special disclosure rules.

“The fact that she’s [held] a bunch of hearings, she doesn’t have clear orders, she’s all over the map — I think it’s a rookie problem, or relative rookie problem, that she just does not have control over the courtroom, and Trump’s taking advantage of it,” Schultz said.

“Every frivolous argument that Trump has raised, [Cannon has] entertained, going back to the search warrants that were executed at Mar-a-Lago,” Rahmani added.

“There’s this whole procedural back-and-forth in these types of cases that just delays things already,” Rahmani said.

While prosecutors are pushing for a speedy resolution, most experts do not expect the case to go to trial before 2025 at the earliest, and some believe Judge Cannon’s conduct raises the possibility it may not reach trial at all.

“I’m a little skeptical of it at this point,” Schultz said. “Sounds like what she needs to do is to talk to one of the senior judges to get some advice … or some mentoring in terms of what to do.”

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