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Hidden Camera Catches Pentagon Official Calling For Gun Confiscation, Open Borders

via O'Keefe Media

A Pentagon official was secretly filmed by conservative activist James O’Keefe expressing support for radical policy positions, including abolishing the Second Amendment and having the National Guard confiscate firearms, packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges to enable gun control legislation, eliminating the Senate, providing universal healthcare, and opening the border with no security.

The official, Jason Beck, who holds a classified security clearance and works as assistant director in the Defense Department overseeing policy, made the comments while unaware he was speaking with O’Keefe.

Beck claimed tasks include writing responses for senior Defense officials in Congressional hearings and advocated repealing the Second Amendment to create a state monopoly on violence.

“I think we should repeal it, and take them all away,” official Jason Beck said.

“You know, where they did have to, you know, mobilize the National Guard. How many people in the National Guard, you know, maybe were personally opposed to integration, but still followed orders and made it happen?” he said.

“So, it’s the idea that the state, meaning the country, is the only sort of legitimate purveyor of violence and force, of course. We’re the only ones with guns, right?” O’Keefe said.

Beck noted that getting left leaning judges on the Supreme Court would be crucial for the policies. “That way they can’t stop the legislation,” he said.

“Yeah, so every year around this time, the department’s senior leadership basically they go over to the hill for hearings on the department’s posture,” he said. “So, like Secretary of Defense or Under Secretary of Defense. And it’ll be on a wide range of topics.”

“I mean, the recent immigration bill fiasco was almost unbelievable,” Beck said. “It’s really racist. You know, just lots of that talk about like border security, that kind of nonsense. What does border security mean? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just like throwing money and people at a problem that doesn’t really exist.”

“No terrorist has ever come in” across the border, he said. “Why not just have an open border?”

The footage has raised concerns about political bias of officials involved in sensitive national security policy matters.

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