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Chris Cuomo Lobs Dig At RFK Jr. Over Family Photo With Biden

via The Chris Cuomo Project
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NewsNation host Chris Cuomo spoke with RFK Jr. regarding his independent candidacy for president and his family’s support of President Biden.

When shown a photo of many Kennedy family members with Biden at the White House, Cuomo asked RFK Jr. what it meant that his own family said Biden was better.

RFK Jr. downplayed it, noting only a small percentage of his large family was there and families disagree.

His siblings have publicly rejected his candidacy and an ad of his that borrowed from their uncle JFK’s campaign, seeing it as defying Democratic values.

“Go, Joe! We support you.” Kennedy’s sister Kerry Kennedy wrote. “President Biden, you make the world better.”

“What does it mean when the people who know you best say Joe Biden is better than their own brother, uncle, cousin?” Cuomo asked.

“Although that looks like a big crowd of people, it is a very small percentage of my family,” Kennedy said. “As you know from your family, we don’t always agree on things.”

RFK Jr. glossed over the objections, saying many relatives still work for him.

“There are many people in my family who work for the Biden administration. President Biden is an old friend of my family,” Kennedy said. “I understand that many of them disagree with me on the war in Ukraine, they disagree with me on Covid, on some of the public health issues, they disagree with me on the free speech issue. So, you know, we can disagree with each other in a friendly way and still love each other.”

“They look very happy in that photograph and, you know, it’s very exhilarating, it’s intoxicating being in the White House and I’m glad I got to…I played a role, I think, in facilitating that visit to the White House and bringing them all such happiness, so I’m happy about that,” he added.

While he said he was glad to have facilitated the White House visit that made his family happy, several siblings denounced his candidacy last year as “perilous for our country.”

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