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‘This Is No Joke’: Michael Cohen Reveals New Threat Posed By Trump’s Cash Crunch

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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, commented that Trump’s struggle to come up with the $464 million bond needed to appeal his fraud conviction suggests his wealth is exaggerated.

Cohen noted that if Trump was truly worth $400 million as claimed, he could post that amount and get the remaining bond, and failure to do so could result in perjury charges.

“It tells you he’s not nearly as rich as he’s sold himself to the American people,” Cohen said.

“He’s right, it’s effectively impossible,” Cohen said.

“If that’s true, post the $400 million and get the balance,” Cohen said. “And if it’s not true, who knows, maybe it could be a perjury charge.”

Cohen warned that if Trump obtains the bond money from foreign sources, it could compromise national security by leaving a presidential candidate indebted to foreign interests.

“It leaves a presidential candidate basically owing a foreign entity, all at the expense of America’s national security,” he said. “This is no joke. This places our national security in jeopardy and continues to make Donald Trump the single most dangerous thing in America to our national security and democracy.”

Cohen’s remarks come after 30 bond companies declined Trump’s request, making it virtually impossible for him to post the full bond by the deadline.

If Trump misses the deadline, the New York Attorney General can begin seizing his assets.

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