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Behind Closed Doors: Democrats Worried About Biden’s Age

via ABC
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Senate Democrats have private concerns about President Joe Biden’s age affecting the party’s chances in the upcoming election, with some admitting that his age is a significant worry among voters.

Despite these worries, the subject is considered “taboo” and is not openly discussed during their weekly caucus lunches.

While some senators express concerns about Biden’s ability to handle the job, they acknowledge that it may be too late to address the issue given the advanced stage of the primaries.

An unnamed Democratic senator told The Hill, “In all of our lunches, it’s never been discussed. It’s kind of amazing, but I don’t think that means that people aren’t worried about it. Look, I worry about it.”

“I’m less worried about his ability, I’m assuming he’s going to do [the job] but I’m worried about a lot of people in the country” who doubt him, continued the senator.

A second Democratic senator reportedly admitted, “The general sense of folks is that we’ve hitched our wagon to Biden, that he’s delivered a lot in partnership. It may not be Biden himself, but it’s his team. Right? And we’re already into the primaries.”

Sen. Peter Welch said, “Biden, he’s got to deal with the age issue. He’s got to show some energy, and he’s got to show what the future is, not just beat up on Trump,”

“There’s got to be a real manifestation of energy and future orientation from the Biden campaign,” continued the democrat.

However, they note that a significant cognitive or health setback in public could potentially change the situation.

There are calls for Biden to demonstrate energy and a forward-looking vision to address voter concerns about his age.

The recent special counsel’s report describing Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory” has further fueled discussions about his capability, with some expressing fears that he may not be up to the task.

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