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‘The View’ host says she ‘deserves’ reparations despite enslaver background

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Sunny Hostin, host of “The View,” revealed on a recent episode that despite her family’s history of slaveholding, she still believes in reparations.

She learned about her ancestor’s involvement in the slave trade and expressed her continued support for reparations and the need for racial justice in the country.

Hostin said, “I still believe in reparations, by the way. So, y’all can stop texting me and emailing me and saying that I’m a White girl and I don’t deserve reparations!”

“I still believe in reparations. I still believe this country has a lot to do in terms of racial justice,” she continued.

“I’m enriched by knowing that my family has come so far from being enslavers to my mother marrying my father in 1968,” added Hostin.

Joy Behar said, “You’re not responsible for what they did.”

Despite initial disappointment, she feels enriched by knowing her family’s history.

The revelations also led to a reevaluation of her mother’s identity and a deeper understanding of her family’s heritage, including the discovery that her third great-grandfather, born into slavery, later registered to vote in Georgia in 1867.

Hostin said, “She was deeply disappointed. She actually cried about it. And then she said maybe that’s why I have been so connected to Black culture because it’s an atonement in my spirit. And I received that. I also found out – and there were slaves on both sides of our family, mother’s and father’s. But we are seven percent indigenous Puerto Rican!”

“It’s deeply disappointing because my mother really identified as Puerto Rican. She was part of the civil rights movement, and she was deeply ingrained in Black culture, and identified herself as Black race, but Hispanic for ethnicity… but her race is White. She’s European. I know,” explained the host.

“It’s weird because when you look at her, my mother is blond, and she has light eyes and my whole family looks like that. So, I think inside I sort of knew this was my history and that’s probably why I didn’t want to do it,” concluded Hostin.

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