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‘The View’ Slams Nikki Haley for Claiming Biden Won’t Be the Democrat Nominee

via Fox News
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The hosts of “The View” criticized Nikki Haley’s argument that the Democratic Party will need to find a new nominee, with Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro dismissing her comments due to the ongoing Republican primary.

They suggested that all signs point to her being defeated by Donald Trump, the presumed Republican nominee.

“Is she going to be around in the next 30 days?” Sunny Hostin said. “She’s not gonna be the nominee either. She needs to take several seats.”

Haley’s comments were based on Biden’s recent actions and the Democrats’ alleged “meltdown.”

“My bet is 30 days from now, I don’t think Joe Biden’s going to be the nominee … You look at, one, the report that came out, then he does the press conference where he was angry and then he has another confused moment,” Haley said.

“Then he doesn’t do the interview today that’s awarded to every president for 25 minutes before the Super Bowl, and you see the Democrats starting to melt down. I wish Joe Biden well, I really do. But the Democrats in the best interest of their party and our country, they need to find a new nominee,” she said.

The hosts also discussed the upcoming Republican primary in South Carolina, where they predicted Haley’s defeat by Trump.

“My bet is that in 12 days, she’s going to get beaten like a bongo drum in her home state by Donald Trump,” Ana Navarro said. “And my bet is that she’s not going to be the Republican nominee. So if you want to put money on it, Nikki, I’m betting on Joe, not on you.”

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