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Megyn Kelly Criticizes Biden for 12-Second Campaign Video He Struggled to Get Through

via Megyn Kelly
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Megyn Kelly and Michael Knowles discussed President Joe Biden’s recent 12-second campaign video, expressing skepticism about its quality and implications.

They questioned Biden’s positioning in the video, suggesting he appeared diminutive, and speculated about the number of takes required and the brevity of the original script.

Kelly, drawing from her media experience, raised concerns about Biden’s ability to deliver even a short speech, while Knowles labeled the video as audacious and predicted a lack of vigor in Biden’s future campaign appearances.

“Iowa’s over, and there’s still only one person who’s ever defeated Donald Trump,” Biden said in the video.

“So, I have a couple of questions for you,” Kelly said regarding the video. “First of all, why is he sitting at the kiddie table?”

“He looks like he’s down here, he’s down here, with his little hands … doesn’t he?” she said tucked behind her desk.

“I’m a little confused,” Knowles said.

“I need to know which photographers and cinematographers the Biden White House hires. Because, you remember there was that picture with [former President and first lady] Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, where Joe Biden looked like the Incredible Hulk, like he was going to put Jimmy Carter in his pocket?”

“And now it looks like he’s an ant or something,” he said. “There’s obviously a perspective problem.”

“He’s a little kid at the big table,” Kelly said. “Why didn’t somebody say, ‘We don’t want him to look like a little person. We want to look big. If anything, we want him to look, you know, larger than life?’”

“How many takes do you think that took, and is there any way the original script was only 12 seconds?” she pressed of the video.

“Zero chance,” she said. “Zero chance,” Knowles agreed.

“He’s not a one-take wonder, that’s for sure,” Knowles said. “And the sad thing is: We know that that was the best take. They obviously used the best take.”

“He couldn’t even get through even that short bit one time, so they had to use the up-close from the second take,” Kelly said. “This is terrifying.”

“I guess what he’s really saying is, ‘I don’t even need to run, man, we’ve got such a lock on the system, I don’t even need to run,” Knowles added.

“This is the most vibrant, vigorous Biden we are going to get [during the 2024 campaign],” he said. “Can you even imagine what the man is going to look like in October of 2024?”

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