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Study Finds Only 3.4 Percent of American Journalists Are Republicans

via Fox News

A study by Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications revealed that only 3.4 percent of journalists identify as Republicans.

This represents a significant drop from previous years, indicating a clear liberal bias in the journalism industry.

The study also highlighted a substantial increase in college-educated journalists and a shift in attitudes towards reaching a mass audience and social media. (Trending: Could Taylor Swift Save Biden In 2024?)

These findings suggest a growing elitism within journalism, with implications for the industry’s political affiliations and its relationship with the public.

“When I began my journalism career in Chicago in the 1980s, there were still some old crusty working-class guys around the newsroom,” journalist David Brooks wrote.

“Now we’re not only a college-dominated profession, we’re an elite-college-dominated profession.”

The study’s results point to a widening gap between establishment journalists and the general population, contributing to a decline in public trust in the media.

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