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Awkward: Gavin Newsom’s Father-in-Law Explains Why He Moved to Republican-led Florida

via CNN
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During a televised debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis mentioned Gavin Newsom’s father-in-law, claiming he had moved from California to Florida due to the latter’s poor governance.

However, the father-in-law, Kenneth Siebel, refuted this, stating that he and his wife had actually moved from Montana to Florida, not directly from California.

Siebel criticized DeSantis for fabricating the story and expressed anger at being dragged into the debate. (Trending: Elon Musk Condemns Arrest Of Jan 6 Protester)

“I was talking to a fella who had made the move to California to Florida, and he was telling me that Florida was much better governed, safer, better budget, lower taxes, all this stuff. And he’s really happy with the quality of life,” DeSantis said in the debate.

“And then he paused, and he said, ‘Oh by the way, I’m Gavin Newsom’s father-in-law.’ So we do count Gavin’s in-law as some of the people that have fled California and come to the state of Florida.”

“DeSantis knew that we were Montana residents. And he said that I said Florida has better budgeting and less crime,” Siebel said of the claim.

“I have no clue on the state’s budgeting. I have no clue about the crime rates.”

“He just made up stuff as a lie. I’m 82, nearly 83, and I’m very sad that we got brought into this — this slimy part of the conversation,” Siebel said.

“It was a real slimeball move. It made me very angry, and I shouldn’t have to get angry.”

“I don’t tolerate liars, and he lied. I found it despicable that he knew he was lying to make a point.”

DeSantis’ representative suggested that Siebel’s comments were an attempt at damage control and highlighted his donation to DeSantis’ re-election campaign.

“Gavin Newsom got beaten by Ron DeSantis so badly at the debate that his family is now putting on the full-court press to mitigate the damage,” a DeSantis representative said.

“And it makes sense; they’re acting as his surrogates because no normal California resident would be willing to do so,” they added.

“It’s also been widely reported that Mr. Siebel even went so far as to donate to support Ron DeSantis.”

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