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DeSantis Receives Loudest Applause In Debate: ‘You Do Not Have The Right To Abuse Your Kids’

via CBS Evening News

During a Republican Party presidential debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his stance on parental rights regarding transgender treatments for minors.

DeSantis argued that parents should not have the right to abuse their children and emphasized the irreversible nature of such procedures.

He also mentioned legislation he signed in Florida to ban the mutilation of minors. (Trending: Biden Bank Records Reveal Another Massive Bombshell)

Additionally, he criticized Nikki Haley for opposing the bill and for her actions as governor of South Carolina.

“When you were governor in 2017, you signed a law that required new guidelines for schools dealing with transgender students,” Megyn Kelly said.

“Those guidelines required schools to accept a child’s preferred gender identity, even if the minor’s parents objected. And it said that there is no duty for schools to notify parents if their son or daughter changes their gender identity, allowing the serious issue to remain a secret between the school and the child.”

“How is any of that pro-parental?” she asked.

“That’s simply not true,” Christie said.

“That law was put into effect in 2018 and regulated in 2018 before I, after I was out of office. We did not issue those guidelines. And you’re wrong about that, simply wrong.”

“I stood up every single time for parents to be able to make the decisions for their minor children, every single time parents should make those decisions,” he added.

“And by the way, you know what, every once in a while, parents are going to make decisions that we disagree with. But the minute you start to take those rights away from parents, you don’t know that slippery slope, what rights are going to be taken away next.”

“You do not have, as a parent, you do not have the right to abuse your kids,” DeSantis pressed, to which the crowd applauded loudly.

“This is cutting off their genitals, this is mutilating these minors, these are irreversible procedures,” he went on.

“And this is something that other countries in Europe like Sweden, once they started doing it, they saw it did incalculable damage, they’ve shut it down.”

“I signed legislation in Florida banning the mutilation of minors because it is wrong. We cannot allow this to happen in this country.”

“And I know Chris disagrees with me. … Nikki disagrees with me. She opposes the bill that we did to ban that, she said, ‘law should not get involved with it,’” he said.

“She also though, I think, and this is flows from what she did as governor of South Carolina, they had a bill to try to say that men shouldn’t go into girls bathrooms, and she killed that bill. And she bragged that she killed that bill, even to this day, she bragged that.”

“I don’t think men should be going into little girls bathrooms. I think it’s wrong. And I think we have every right to protect them from that.”

The debate highlighted differing views on parental rights, transgender treatments, and bathroom access.

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