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Dylan Mulvaney Blasted Online For Dying Popularity

via Forbes
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Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok star, faced ridicule after a speaking event at Penn State where the room was largely empty.

Despite his social media following, critics pointed out that Mulvaney’s popularity is inflated by algorithms and onlookers simply seeking a spectacle.

The event, funded by student fees, featured Mulvaney discussing his transition and a controversial endorsement of Bud Light, which he claimed led to a challenging period. (Trending: Trump Announces Major Promise For 2024)

Critics celebrated the lackluster turnout as a blow to Mulvaney’s reputation and brand.

“It’s so brutal I don’t even want to mock him for it. To quote Robert Frost, ‘Hell is a half-filled auditorium,’” Daily Wire host Michael Knowles said of the photo.

“We were accused by some on the Right of helping Mulvaney by ‘making him famous.’ But in fact we made sure his brand was viewed as it really is: toxic, embarrassing and ridiculous. Now he can’t draw a crowd and he’s radioactive to companies that associate with him. Total victory,” Daily Wire host Matt Walsh wrote.

“Mulvaney is not popular,” said podcaster Tim Pool.

“Mulvaney is propped up by social media algorithms and gawkers who want to see a carnival side show,” Pool added.

“This person is suffering but being egged on by a mob of psychos cheering as Mulvaney destroys himself.”

“I realized that these companies were capitalizing on my identity and transness in a way that was really ugly,” Mulvaney said of Bud Light.

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