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DeSantis Criticizes Haley Over Trans Issue With Minors: ‘She Said The Law Shouldn’t Get Involved In That’

via ABC
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During a Republican presidential debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley for her stance on transgender treatments for minors, claiming she opposed a bill prohibiting sex change operations on minors.

Haley denied this, stating that she believed the law should stay out of it until the individual is 18, and that these decisions should be handled by parents. (Trending: Biden Bank Records Reveal Another Massive Bombshell)

DeSantis said, “she caves anytime the Left comes after her, anytime the media comes after her,” in a jab about Nikki Haley.

“I did a bill in Florida to stop the gender mutilation of minors,” he explained.

“It’s child abuse, and it’s wrong,” said DeSantis.

“She opposes that bill. She thinks it’s fine and the law shouldn’t get involved with it. If you’re not willing to stand up for the kids, if you’re not willing to stand up and say that it is wrong to mutilate these kids, then you’re not going to fight for the people back home.”

“I will fight for you, and I will win for you,” promised DeSantis.

“In reference to donors coming on board, look, we will take support from anybody we can take support from, but I have been a conservative fighter all my life,” Haley replied.

“I was a Tea Party candidate when I became governor,” she added.

DeSantis shot back, “She didn’t respond to the criticism; it wasn’t about the Parents Rights in Education bill. It was about prohibiting sex change operations on minors, they do puberty blockers, these are irreversible.”

“Talk to Chloe Cole — she went through this, now she’s an adult, she’s warning against it. She may never be able to have kids again. That is what Nikki Haley opposed,” charged DeSantis.

“She said the law shouldn’t get involved in that,” he continued.

“And I just asked you if you’re somebody that’s going to be the President of the United States, and you can’t stand up against child abuse, how are you going to be able to stand up for anything?” asked DeSantis.

“I never said that,” Haley responded.

“I never said that. I said that if you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, you should have to be 18 to have anything done to change your gender,” she explained.

“You said the law should stay out of it,” DeSantis responded.

The exchange highlighted differing views on government involvement in gender-related medical procedures for minors.

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