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Top Wyoming Official Slams Brakes On Court Labeling Trump ‘Insurrectionist’

via Forbes Breaking News
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Wyoming’s Secretary of State Chuck Gray is challenging a Colorado judge’s ruling that labeled former President Trump an “insurrectionist” in a case seeking to remove Trump from the state’s primary ballot.

Gray, along with other Secretaries of State, filed an amicus brief urging the Colorado Supreme Court to dismiss the case, arguing it should have been dismissed from the start.

They assert that the use of the 14th Amendment to bar Trump’s name from the ballot is a weaponization of law by the radical left, setting a dangerous precedent for future political interference. (Trending: Joe Biden Admits He’s ‘Not Sure’ About Running If Trump Wasn’t)

Gray emphasizes the importance of defending election integrity and preventing biased legal actions from affecting the electoral process.

“As chief election officials of our states, [Secretaries of State] have to stand up for the electoral process in our republic, and this is pivotal to ensuring the integrity of our elections,” Gray said.

“I ran on election integrity, and that’s why the people of Wyoming voted me into office.”

“And I’m following through on that, and defending the truth here, and making sure that these outrageous, frivolous lawsuits that the radical left is bringing and trying to remove President Trump from the ballot, that they don’t succeed.”

“It really should have been dismissed immediately, the case is frivolous.”

“And instead we got this 95-page finding from this local judge there in Colorado and with the principle of issue preclusion, this could be really used against President Trump,” Gray added.

“So it’s very important that this is just dismissed in its entirety.”

“And that’s what we really try to delve into with this amicus brief … and we’re really proud that Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Ohio Secretary of State LaRose signed on.”

“The Court holds there is scant direct evidence regarding whether the Presidency is one of the positions subject to disqualification,” Judge Sarah B. Wallace wrote.

“The frivolous lawsuits, they’re happening around the country, and it’s imperative that voters in one state not be affected by judgments in other states. And if you think about it, preventing an eligible candidate in one state for being able to attain electoral votes affects every other state. And preventing a candidate from being on the ballot, primary or caucus, artificially will alter momentum,” Gray said.

“Republican leadership, which was the minority party at the time, had no appointments to the January 6 Committee report. And that was a large part of the 95 pages that the local judge there considered … so that’s the other thing that we contest in this is: the inclusion of the January 6 Commission report. I believe it was biased from the start,” Gray said.

“It should be noted that while the January 6th Committee originally boasted two House republicans among its membership, Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, and Liz Cheney of Wyoming, neither have remained in the House of Representatives, Kinzinger having chosen not to run for reelection, and Cheney having been overwhelmingly voted out of office by the people of Wyoming,” the footnote reads.

“That is a very troubling trend in our country and it’s something as Wyoming Secretary of State, a public official, it’s very important that we weigh in on the weaponization of American law, the weaponization of the 14th Amendment against the left’s political opponents,” Gray said.

“And that’s what they’re doing, the left is targeting their political opponents with the way they’ve weaponized law.”

“We’ve seen that with these indictments and then also the way they’ve weaponized the 14th Amendment.”

“It’s really an outrageous, unprecedented full court press by the radical left to weaponize law in this country and this is another example of it,” he said.

“The radical left has just become so consumed by this Trump derangement syndrome. And this is just another example of it. But I certainly hope and pray deep down, that they see why this is wrong.”

“And today it’s conservative Republicans and President Trump, but this is a precedent that could be used against anyone in the United States, and we as conservatives must stand up for the truth. And that’s what we’re doing with this amicus brief,” he said.

“The weaponization of the 14th Amendment with frivolous lawsuits like the one in Colorado, it just undermines the entire election process. And that’s why we’re doing this,” Gray said.

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