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‘Is This Weird?’ Rachel Maddow And Liz Cheney Giggle Over Their Hatred of Trump

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Rachel Maddow, a far-left MSNBC host, and former Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican, shared an unlikely alliance due to their mutual dislike of former President Donald Trump.

During an interview on Maddow’s show, the two discussed their ideological differences and the need to come together to address the “threat” posed by Trump.

“It’s important how far apart we are in every policy issue imaginable,” Maddow said. (Trending: Joe Biden Admits He’s ‘Not Sure’ About Running If Trump Wasn’t)

“It is important that Liz Cheney is infinity, and I am negative infinity on the ideological number line.”

“It’s important because that tells you how serious and big something has to be to put us — to put me and Liz Cheney — together on the same side of something in American life.”

“But needs must,” Maddow said.

“Normal combat — normal willingness to chomp on each other, or run, or defend ourselves from each other — yields to the imperative of the world-destroying flood.”

“Now, we’re either all going down or we’re all in the same boat,” she said.

“Is this as weird for you as it is for me?” Maddow asked.

“It’s pretty weird, yeah,” Cheney said.

Cheney said their shared worry is “a real symbol of how grave this danger is.”

“This is a five-alarm fire, and we have to put that aside and be able to say, what are we going to do to come together to save the republic?” she added.

Cheney’s willingness to align with Maddow is seen as a reflection of her loss of credibility as a Republican after voting to impeach Trump.

“Liz Cheney is a RINO and as such, she is literally on the same side as Maddow,” wrote an X user.

“The two agreeing on the same issue is old news and inconsequential.”

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