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Ethics Complaint Filed Against Senator Kyrsten Sinema Over ‘Troubling’ Issue

via Face the Nation
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Senator Kyrsten Sinema is facing a complaint from a conservative group for failing to disclose financial information about her relationship with Dr. Lindsay Buckman.

The group argues that if she treated him as her spouse for travel purposes, she should have disclosed his assets and income.

“Sen. Sinema has a moral and legal obligation to fully disclose the details of her finances,” said Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation. (Trending: Joe Biden Admits He’s ‘Not Sure’ About Running If Trump Wasn’t)

“The fact that she hasn’t done so is highly suspicious and troubling.”

“While Senator Sinema appears to believe Dr. Buckman is just like a spouse for the purpose of $7737.15 junkets to Israel funded by outside groups, she does not seem to believe that the spousal designation applies for the purposes of financial disclosures,” the complaint read.

The American Accountability Foundation, the group behind the complaint, aims to inform the public about government oversight issues.

“AAF deploys aggressive research and investigations to advance conservative messaging, rapid response, and Congressional investigations; while heavily scrutinizing politicians and establishment organizations, policies, and projects,” the website says.

“The American people deserve to know that their elected officials are making decisions based on what benefits the American people, and not based on what benefits them financially,” Jones said.

“Yet Sen. Sinema’s failure to disclose the nature of this relationship makes it impossible for the American people to have confidence in her motives.”

They claim that Sinema’s lack of transparency raises ethical concerns, especially as she considers running for re-election.

Sinema’s office did not respond to the complaint, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee expressed concerns about her lack of openness.

“Kyrsten Sinema’s failure to disclose her assets and potential conflicts of interest raises serious ethical questions as she flirts with asking Arizonans for their vote again,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Tate Mitchell said.

“Arizonans deserve to have an honest broker serving them in the Senate, not another shady D.C. politician.”

Despite not formally announcing her candidacy for 2024, Sinema is reportedly considering it.

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