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Gavin Newsom Is One Of The Worst Governors In America

via Fox News

Gov. Gavin Newsom commuted the life sentence of a former gang member and mass shooter, Jarad Nava, after just eight years in prison.

Nava was convicted of four counts of attempted murder in a gang-related shootout, leaving one victim paralyzed.

“Nava said he doesn’t remember much of what happened when the white truck he was riding in swerved into the opposite lane and pulled alongside a Lexus sedan carrying what he thought were his enemies,” Times staff writer Hannah Wiley stated. (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

“In order to protect myself, I felt like the more I perpetrated violence on others, the safer I would be,” the offender said at the time.

Despite this, Newsom commuted Nava’s sentence, and he now works for the Senate Public Safety Committee on criminal justice reform.

“Nava walked free from California State Prison Solano more than 150 years early on Dec. 22, 2020,” the Times later reported.

“This act of clemency for Mr. Nava does not minimize or forgive his conduct or the harm it caused,” Newsom said.

“It does recognize the work he has done since to transform himself.”

The decision has been met with controversy, as Nava’s victims feel he should have served a longer sentence.

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