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How AI Is Being Weaponized To Impact Your Life

via The Wall Street Journal
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Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are investing heavily in building data centers for the AI revolution.

The book “Controligarchs” warns of the potential for mass job losses and a move towards a socialist dystopia due to AI.

Notably, AI expert Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI and immediately hired by Microsoft. (Trending: Donald Trump Gets Great News Ahead of 2024)

Estimates suggest that AI could replace 40-80% of jobs, leading to the introduction of universal basic income.

OpenAI is funding UBI studies and launching a UBI-related crypto project. Digital IDs and central bank digital currencies are being rolled out, and a UBI may be the only consolation for an increasingly dystopian future.

Microsoft has filed a patent for a microchip to facilitate buying and selling future goods, and Altman predicts a UBI of $13,500 per year.

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