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Black Chicago Residents Rally Against Sanctuary Policies

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Black Chicago residents are rallying against Mayor Brandon Johnson’s support for sanctuary city policies and the allocation of millions for illegal immigrants.

The group is threatening to vote for Republicans if Democrats continue to prioritize the Hispanic lobby over the black community, putting the city leaders in a difficult position.

Demands include ending sanctuary city, removing illegal immigrants, and supporting candidates opposing sanctuary city.

“This approach that we have right here is to make sure we are addressing the anxiety and fear that people have, whether you are a taxpayer or someone who is seeking asylum in the city of Chicago while speaking to our hopes and aspirations,” Johnson said of new restrictions being set.

They particularly expressed their frustration at being marginalized and mistreated, warning that they will no longer vote based on party affiliation or race.

“We’re here to say to black aldermen who are elected by the black citizens of Chicago that we are fed up with you not hearing our stress and our demands but rather do what you want to do to please the Democratic Party,” one resident stated.

“We are fed up with you for not taking the lead to stop the buses,” she added.

“We are fed up with you for not demanding of Brandon Johnson to remove illegal immigrants from our community, and we’re also here to say we are denouncing Alderman William Hall and Lamont Robinson for going to the border to look into the eyes of illegal immigrants but has failed to look into the eyes of homeless black men women and children and other citizens of Chicago.”

“We have veterans who have served this country who are homeless. Have you looked into their eyes?” she pressed.

“Alderman Yancey, Alderman Hall, Alderman Robinson, there are 58,440 homeless people in Chicago. We have black school-aged children sleeping in cars. Have you looked into their eyes? No you have not.”

“Yet illegal immigrants are sleeping in hotels in the City of Chicago, paid by the citizens of Chicago.”

“We’re not saying that there’s not room here, but what we are saying is that we are not going to step aside for you to accommodate them when you have continued to leave us out of the equation,” another resident added.

The rally reflects growing discontent among black residents in Chicago.

“Our rights are being violated, our civil rights are being violated,” another pressed.

“There’s no law that allows for non-citizens to come into our communities, force themselves into our communities, force themselves into public accommodations, force themselves into schools that could have been opened to our children.”

“The constant discrimination of black people has to stop,” she added.

“I have yet to see any black official and Hispanic official in your white official stand up and say that this is a violation of the civil rights of our citizens in this city or the citizens issue in the United States of America.”

“Where’s the money for the economic development of our communities?” she went on.

“Why is it that we’re being put into a position where the immigrants who come into our community, They’re going to get money and they’re going to get money to open small businesses, and they are going to open those small businesses in these communities and then our people are going to be forced to buy from them after they’ve invaded our country … We say no to all of this.”

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