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‘Will & Grace’ Star Scorched On Social Media For Speech At Historic Pro-Israel Rally In DC

via The Graham Norton Show

Former “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing faced criticism on social media after delivering a speech in defense of Israel at a pro-Israel rally in Washington, D.C.

Critics from both political sides accused her of various contradictions, with pro-Israel conservatives questioning her prior support for President Biden and pro-Palestinian leftists accusing her of defending genocide in Gaza.

Despite the backlash, Messing, a Jewish person and Hollywood liberal, spoke passionately about supporting Israel and the innocent Palestinians affected by Hamas. (Trending: Jury Reaches Verdict In Paul Pelosi Hammer Case)

“We are strong, resilient and devoted, and we will not lose ourselves,” wrote Messing.

Promising, “We will worry for our global Jewish family and also hurt for the innocent Palestinians used as human shields by Hamas. We will work to eviscerate Hamas and also pray for a free and flourishing Gaza.”

“We will remember and work for the release of the 240 hostages, as well as for the safety of the 2.2 million Gazans also held hostage by Hamas,” continued the actress.

“We will pray for the success of the IDF for a war Israel did not start, did not want, but a war Israel will win. Because we must,” she insisted.’

While some conservatives and pro-Palestinian users expressed anger and disbelief, prominent pro-Israel activists praised Messing’s speech, thanking her for advocating for the Jewish community and supporting efforts to bring back those abducted by Hamas.

“Debra Messing did NOT Call out Obama Alan [Dershowitz] did … She hates Trump and went after him every chance she could … Obama HATES Israel. why didn’t she call him out … She wasn’t shy about going after Trump but God forbid she goes after a liberal racist ….” wrote one critical user.

“She is a Lefty who voted for Biden/Obama. They empowered Iran with billions which was then transferred to Hamas. She can’t connect the dots,” posted another dissenter.

“Sorry but I don’t believe anything this crazy liberal is saying. Liberals in the White House are the ones who empowered Iran…They caused our families, friends, neighbors to be murdered, kidnapped…NEVER FORGET…!!!” exclaimed a user.

Social Media celebrity Manolo De Los Santos tagged the protest’s promotional image with the caption: “Tomorrow’s Pro-Genocide March in DC has announced its guest speakers including racists like Michael Rapaport & fake progressives like Van Jones.

Adding, “This anti-Palestinian march, helped by the US govt, expects to gather a large crowd in support of 75 years of apartheid & occupation.”

Several Pro-Israel groups have come to Messing’s defense. Notably, The Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt posted Messing’s video and wrote, “It has been 39 days since Hamas abducted over 240 men, women and children from Israel. Thank you, Debra Messing, for using your platform to support their families as we fight to #BringThemHomeNow. #MarchforIsrael #MarchAgainstAntisemitism”

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