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Trump Judge Posts Nude ‘Bonus Photo’ On Alumni Blog

via CUNYQueensborough on Youtube

New York County Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron, presiding over a civil fraud case against Donald Trump, has been reported to post nude torso pictures in an online high school alumni newsletter he edits.

The newsletter includes two such photos labeled “Before and After” and “BonusTorsoPhoto,” with Engoron’s contact information.

Engoron’s behavior has sparked controversy, with some criticizing his conduct during Trump’s testimony. (Trending: Supreme Court Dismisses Case To Keep Trump Off Ballot)

Fox News’ Jesse Watters referred to Engoron as “Judge Nudie” and questioned his ability to fairly preside over the case.

“We found out today that this judge runs a high school alumni newsletter,” Watters began.

“If you graduated from Wheatley and you’re interested in attending your class reunion, the judge has you covered. But that’s the only thing the judge covers. This is Trump’s judge sharing your run-of-the-mill bonus torso photo.”

He added, “Judge Nudie has the right to express himself in any way he wants. We don’t judge. But he does.”

“The nude bathroom selfie sharing former drawbar gets to decide whether Donald Trump’s real estate empire lives or dies. You can’t take this man seriously. Men like this can’t have the unilateral power to nuke the President’s business license because a racist prosecutor asked him to, The man’s a joke.”

“If anybody should be hit with a gag order, it’s Judge Nudie.”

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