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Olympic Champion: My Testicles Don’t Make Me Less Of A Woman

via CBS

Caster Semenya, a double Olympic champion middle-distance runner, asserted identity as a woman despite being born without a uterus and having drastic differences in sexual development (DSD).

Semenya has embraced the unique biological characteristics and refuses to take drugs to lower testosterone levels, leading to Semenya being barred from competing.

The biological male has won a legal battle against the Swiss government and is focused on fighting authorities rather than competing in the Paris Olympics. (Trending: Obama’s Ignorant Remarks On Israel)

“At the end of the day, I know I am different. I don’t care about the medical terms or what they tell me, or my testosterone, you know, being born without a uterus, being born with internal testicles — those don’t make me less of a woman,” Semenya said.

“Those are the differences I was born with and I embrace them,” Semenya added. “I am not going to be ashamed because I am different.”

Semenya emphasizes the importance of women’s sport and the right to make decisions about their bodies, stating that being a woman is a personal determination.

“For me, I believe if you are a woman, you are a woman, no matter the differences you have,” the Olympian stated.

“I have realized I want to live my life and fight for what I think and I believe in myself.”

“I know I am a woman and anything that comes along with it just accept it.”

“The importance of women’s sport is not being taken seriously and we need to take charge of our own bodies. Decide what is right for us. Not another gender deciding what we should look like.”

“If we are woman enough or not, it is up to us,” Semenya said.

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