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Children Attend Controversial Concerts of Trans Pop Star

via 2023 GRAMMYs on YouTube

Kim Petras, a transgender German pop star, expressed a desire for his gay fans to engage in sex during his concert performances, even though children as young as eight are allowed to attend.

The singer acknowledged lewd and pornographic acts taking place in full view, stating that it is the goal.

Petras’ concert tour allows children as young as eight to attend, with those under 14 needing adult accompaniment. (Trending: Judge Issue Major Ruling On Transgender Procedures For Kids)

“There’s definitely gay sex happening, which is lit,” Petras reportedly promised her fans.

“In the crowd, and that’s the goal,” she warned.

The singer reportedly said in an interview, “And if you look at the show, it’s kind of inspired by Dante’s Inferno and the different levels of hell.”

“I come out in an iron maiden,” teased Petras.

“Everything’s very symbolic for my life and you really have to overanalyze it to get it all. And my obsession with Greek mythology and German fairytales and all of that stuff, all of my passions are very deeply in there,” explained Petras.

The singer also discussed the inspirations for the tour, mentioning influences from Dante’s Inferno and personal symbolism.

Additionally, Petras spoke out on the debate over transgender medical procedures for minors, opposing the banning of hormone therapy.

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