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Barbra Streisand: I Can’t Live In The US If Trump Becomes President

via CBS

Barbra Streisand expressed that she couldn’t live in the US if Donald Trump were reelected in 2024, suggesting she would move to England.

She praised President Biden’s performance, calling him compassionate and supportive of the right things.

“I will move. I can’t live in this country if he became president,” Streisand said of Trump. (Trending: Photos Released Of Cocaine Found In White House)

When asked where she would go, she said, “Probably to England. I like England.”

“Well, I like Biden. I think he’s done a good job,” she pressed. “I think he’s compassionate. He’s smart. He supports the right things.”

Streisand also highlighted her concerns about rising antisemitism and the need for people to coexist peacefully.

“It’s so sad,” she said. “It’s so sad what’s going on today — meaning, people have to live together, even though they are different religions, or whatever. People are people. It’s true. You know, we all want the same thing. We all want love in our hearts, we all want family.”

“We all want to feel secure. I hope for the best because this is heartbreaking, what’s happening now with these people — the children, the mothers — it doesn’t matter what religion they are. Do you know what I mean? This is beyond religion. This is insanity for us not to learn how to live together in peace.”

She expressed her distress about the current state of the world and questioned the absence of a higher power to stop the madness.

“You see, this is why it’s hard to talk about my career or even my book when this deadly combustible thing is happening in the world,” she stated.

“I could easily cry about this. Where is God in this time? Where is he or she? Why can’t that energy stop this madness?”

This discussion occurred during an interview about her new memoir, in which she spent most of her time criticizing Trump and praising the Clintons.

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