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Trump Beating Biden In 2 Key Areas

via NBC
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A recent poll suggests that Donald Trump could beat Joe Biden in the Electoral College if an election were held today, despite Biden’s lead in the popular vote.

The survey indicates that Biden may lose four battleground states he won in 2020, with narrow margins in key swing states favoring Trump.

The poll also suggests that Trump would likely win if he becomes the Republican candidate, and neither of Biden’s possible replacements would fare better. (Trending: Court Hands Down Crucial 2nd Amendment Ruling)

“A new poll from Stack Data Strategy found that Trump would beat Biden in the Electoral College, 292 to 246, if an election were held today,” the Washington Examiner stated.

“Biden is still on track to win the popular vote, 49% to 48%, but he is projected to lose four battleground states he won in 2020, a blow to the president as he works to build his reelection campaign in states that house a heavy pro-Trump base.”

“Our research is the largest exercise of its kind so far this cycle, and we can confidently say that as things currently stand, if Donald Trump is selected as the Republican candidate, he is likely to win,” Stack Data Strategy’s Joe Bedell said.

“Despite recent calls for change, our polling shows that neither party would benefit from a change in candidate, [and] President Trump would beat both of Biden’s possible replacements by an even greater margin,” he added.

Additionally, concerns are raised about third-party candidates and worries persist within the Democratic party about Biden’s approval ratings and support among certain voting blocs.

Some Democrats have expressed concern that Biden could lose next year’s election.

“I am concerned,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) pressed.

“I was concerned before these numbers. I am concerned by the inexplicable credibility that Donald Trump seems to have despite all of the indictments, the lies, the incredible wrongdoing.”

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