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Democrat Shamefully Brushes Off Disturbing Video Of Teens Debating Crimes

via NBC
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Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C., dismissed a viral video showing teenagers debating violent crimes.

The video captured the boys discussing their preference for committing murder over armed robbery.

The footage sparked condemnation on social media, reflecting concerns about increasing violent crimes in the city, particularly involving juveniles. (Trending: Photos Released Of Cocaine Found In White House)

“I won’t be wasting my time watching that,” Mayor Bowser told reporters.

“If it is an accurate video, I’m not sure what I would do with that information,” he continued.

A teen in the video in question can reportedly be heard saying, “He’s saying he’d rather commit murder than armed robbery … armed robbery is what we’re doing.”

“It’s armed robbery and an armed carjacking … it’s both of them combined, that’s higher than murder,” commented another person in the group.

The teens reportedly filmed themselves on a street corner while wearing masks, blocking their identities.

“You’re taking a human life,” commented the initial person in the video.

“You’d rather take a human’s life and get life than rob someone and get 10 to 12 years,” reasoned the teenager.

Washington, D.C., has seen a significant spike in violent crimes, including carjacking and homicides, with a notable increase in juvenile arrests.

In response, Mayor Bowser declared a public emergency to address the surge in youth-related crimes and the city’s opioid crisis, emphasizing the need for community involvement and parental awareness.

The order allows “additional placements for youth at shelter homes, group homes, supervised independent living facilities, secure facilities, residential treatment centers, psychiatric residential treatment centers, and foster homes.”

The order also encourages “cooperative agreements for programs and placements for detained and committed youth, including rehabilitative, therapeutic, substance-abuse, and trauma-informed programs.”

“Again, I need to emphasize how much the community needs to come together on this issue of young people involved in crime,” Bowser reportedly said to reporters.

Adding, “We need parents and caregivers to make sure they know where their teenagers are and what they’re doing. If you need help with your child, you need to reach out.”

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