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Biden Hands China Big Win With Military Deal

via CNA

President Biden is expected to reach an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to limit the use of artificial intelligence in military applications, particularly in the control and deployment of nuclear weapons and autonomous weapon systems such as drones.

The deal is set to take place during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

While some experts argue that such an agreement is necessary to prevent a dangerous escalation of AI use in combat, others express concerns that the U.S. would be giving up a strategic advantage over China. (Trending: Photos Released Of Cocaine Found In White House)

“I predict they will make a deal on AI-driven autonomous weapons on the battlefield should only be for reconnaissance and not fighting; otherwise, the world will become a very dangerous place,” Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation (CAPTRS) founder Phil Siegel stated.

“I think there is more to come, and it is necessary to keep us from devolving to continual war.”

“This is an incredibly poor decision,” Chief analytics officer of Pioneer Development Group Christopher Alexander.

“To begin with, China lags behind the U.S. in AI capabilities; so the Biden administration just ceded a strategic advantage. Additionally, AI helps reduce stress to improve decision-making, which is crucial in preventing a poor decision to release nuclear weapons.”

“It is foolish to believe China will honor any agreement limiting the use of AI in nuclear weapons. Look at the Paris Climate Agreement: despite agreeing to reduce carbon emissions, China continued to be one of the world’s worst polluters. It similarly has no regard for human rights or intellectual property,” stated Samuel Mangold-Lenett, staff editor at The Federalist.

“Chinese leadership has no regard for agreements that could slow down its quest for destabilizing the world order and displacing the U.S. as hegemon. The U.S. should continue developing AI systems that ensure national security and advance our interests — our enemies will surely do the same.”

There are also doubts about China’s commitment to honoring such an agreement, given its track record with previous international agreements.

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