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Trump Campaign Calls For Unity As Polls Show Trump Beating Joe Biden

via ABC News
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New polling data shows President Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump in key battleground states, raising concerns among Democrats about Biden’s electability in 2024.

Democratic senators stress the need for Biden to develop a more forceful and progressive message to engage young voters, as his support among this demographic has decreased.

“I hear immense praise for what he has done and how well he is doing on foreign policy and extremism at home. He’s doing everything right, is what I’m hearing. And yet there’s this lingering concern about electability,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) stated. (Trending: Obama’s Ignorant Remarks On Israel)

“The question about the polls concerns people,” he added.

“I think the president needs to have a more forceful message, and there are issues in our democracy — like the creeping dark money corruption, and in our environment, like increasingly chaotic climate problems we’re having — that deserve a real fighting stance,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said.

“It’s useless to go to young people who understand what’s happening in climate and tell them, ‘Well, we passed the [Inflation Reduction Act],’” he said. “That’s been my pitch. You need to have a more forceful message and get it out there.”

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) stated, “We have work to do,” emphasizing that the President “has a great story to tell that hasn’t been told yet, and that’s what campaigns are about.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s popularity among swing and independent voters has increased, with polls indicating he has surpassed Biden in five states won by Biden in 2020.

“Unless you’re a fan of cheap knockoffs or out-of-tune tribute bands, tonight’s GOP debate was a complete waste of time and money,” Trump campaign adviser Chris LaCivita said.

“Voters want a return to the Country we had just three short years ago before Biden and the radical left began to destroy it, and voters believe President Trump is the only one who can make this a reality,” LaCivita added. “Simply put, voters want to Make America Great Again.”

“They are going nowhere, and at this point, every dollar sent to their campaigns or their SuperPACs may as well be going directly to Joe Biden. Donald J. Trump is going to be the next President of the United States,” LaCivita continued. “It’s up to DeSantis and Haley to determine if they want a political future or not.”

Additionally, concerns about Biden’s mental capacity and age persist, posing challenges for the Democratic Party’s Senate candidates seeking office in these states.

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