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If Donald Trump Was President, None of This Would Be Happening

via CNN
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Best-selling author Alex Marlow says if Donald Trump were president, the recent Hamas terror attack would not have occurred.

Marlow argued that antisemitism is not primarily coming from the far-right in America, but rather from the secular left and the Arab world.

“The Jew hatred that is pervasive on the web shows you that anti-Semitism is alive and well. Contrary to what people say it is not really coming from the far-right in America. I mean it is there certainly but I’m saying that is not where the movement is taking place.” (Trending: Obama’s Ignorant Remarks On Israel)

“The secular left is a huge part of it, the Arab world is a part of it. But most immortally for this conversation is the enablers of those people. And one of the top enablers is Joe Biden.”

He went on to criticize Joe Biden for wanting to revive the Iran nuclear deal, funding terrorism, having compromised experts at the Pentagon, leaving weapons in Afghanistan, and snubbing allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“He is the guy who wanted to revive the Iran nuclear deal. He has funded the funders of terrorism. He has fake experts at the Pentagon who are compromised by Iran. There has been some huge reporting on that that has come out. His Afghanistan withdrawal left the terrorists all these weapons which they could either use or sell. He has snubbed our allies in Israel, Sadia Arabia. The List goes on.”

Marlow believes that the issue is highly political, and that Trump would undoubtedly have prevented these issues.

“This is all deeply deeply political. People in the American left and people who want to say ‘Oh it’s not political. I’m a supportive of Israel even though I voted for Joe Biden, he has been a disaster.’ That is not acceptable. We need to very politely vocalize to those people in our lives that this is a highly political issue.”

He urges people to recognize the political nature of the issue and hopes for Trump’s return to the presidency in order to transform Biden’s foreign policy.

“If Donald Trump was president none of this would be happening. And we have the opportunity, hopefully to make him president again. We need to remove ourselves from this hellacious Joe Biden foreign policy,” Marlow pressed.

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