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US Senator Threatened WIth Murder

via Nevada Police Dept.
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A Las Vegas resident has been arrested following his threatening to kidnap, assault, and possibly kill a United States senator.

43-year-old John Anthony Miller left multiple voicemails for Jewish Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV), saying “All these [expletive]ing lies is in your [expletive]ing hands, you [expletive]ing [expletive], and I’m gonna [expletive]ing see you soon, you [expletive]ing sellout [expletive]ing [expletive] [expletive],” in one particular message.

Miller showed up at the Lloyd D. George Courthouse the following day, but was denied entry, to which he began yelling at the guards. (Trending: Judge Declines To Recuse From Trump 2024 Ballot Case)

Miller left yet another voicemail, saying, “…450 thousand of ‘em are American and are able to co-commit war crimes and come back and forth. Huh? Yeah, I-I-I pretty sure she is.”

“Pretty sure she is. And she ain’t gon do a damn thing. She lets her own family members kill these Pe-Palestinians in the West Bank. The Christians in the West Bank.”

“Senator, I’m sorry to say, but yah know what, you’re a piece of [expletive] and you’re gonna burn in [expletive]ing [expletive] for your [expletive]ing crimes.”

Miller has been arrested and charged for threatening a federal official. (Trending: It’s Time For Donald Trump To Drop Out)

“Threats against public officials should be taken seriously,” Rosen’s spokesperson stated.

“Senator Rosen trusts the U.S. Attorney’s office and federal law enforcement to handle this matter.”

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