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‘Throw Everything That Democracy Has At This Man’: MSNBC Analyst Slams Trump

via Fox
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Mara Gay on MSNBC suggested Judge Juan Merchan should maintain his gag order on Donald Trump to “protect jurors” and “protect voters.”

Trump’s gag order bars him from publicly discussing witnesses, prosecutors, staff related to his criminal trial during and after the trial.

Gay implied the gag order was necessary to preserve trust in the democratic process and prevent Trump from attacking those involved.

“You have to protect jurors, you have to protect voters,” Gay said. “And if we can’t do those two things in this moment, you can’t ask people to participate in democracy or to trust the process. So, this is a moment to throw everything that democracy has at this man.”

Trump’s lawyers want the gag order lifted, but prosecutors argue it should stay in place until after sentencing and any post-trial motions.

Legal analysts on MSNBC said the gag order appropriately protects witnesses and jurors, and doesn’t prevent Trump’s political attacks otherwise.

“The gag order doesn’t prevent Donald Trump from making any and all political attacks against Joe Biden and his administration … There’s a carve-out for the judge himself, who has been attacked. And there’s a carve-out for Alvin Bragg,” MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann said. “What it is doing is protecting witnesses and jurors. And this is one where the district attorney has asked for both sides to brief this issue, but they’re clearly going to take the position that you can’t tell witnesses and jurors, ‘hey we’re going to protect you just during the trial, but after the trial you’re on your own.’ The judge is not an idiot.”

An earlier MSNBC panel laughed about Trump’s experience with a muted mic in court hampering his typical reelection campaigning style.

“Donald Trump does have some experience with having his mic cut off. Which is he’s been sitting in court and wanting very badly to respond to everything with his mic cut off,” NBC’s Jonathan Allen said. “So it’ll be interesting to see if he’s able to do that in a debate. But he has definitely had his mouth shut over the course of the last several weeks.”

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