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Rogan: ‘Scary’ That Democrats Are Destroying Precedent

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Joe Rogan expressed concern on his podcast about Democrats undermining democratic norms and legal precedent to pursue what he views as a bogus criminal prosecution of Donald Trump.

Rogan argued the charges against Trump for allegedly paying hush money to a woman he had an affair with amounted to a misdemeanor at most, but Democrats were willingly allowing felony charges and a manipulated process in an attempt to prevent Trump from running again.

“We’re being run by a dead man,” Rogan said. “They’re trying to stop this other guy from even running, and they’re exposing how corrupt the democracy is. They’re exposing how corrupt the system is just by charging this guy with 34 felonies for paying off a lady he had sex with. Like, what?”

“The way it was written, the way it was put in a ledger, it’s basically, in most situations, it would have been considered a misdemeanor, but they turned it into a felony,” he added.

“They trumped it up. They trumped it up — no pun intended. And then he signed like 34 different checks so there are 34 different counts. The whole thing’s crazy.”

“What’s scary is how many Democrats are willing to allow this kind of stuff to happen. A lot of them are aware of it,” he later said.

He warned this sets a worrying precedent that future Republican administrations could exploit, essentially dismantling the system of power alternating between parties.

Rogan felt Democrats were hypocritically pursuing political motives over fairness, and that manipulating criminal prosecution of opposition candidates transforms the U.S. into a banana republic controlled by those in power rather than the will of the people.

“They don’t even realize they’re setting a precedent, and when this guy gets in office or another guy gets in office that’s a Republican, you’ve got real problems now, kids,” Rogan said.

“If the elections are real, that’s how it usually goes. It usually goes, one side wins, and they’re like, ‘This sucks. Let’s try the other way.’ The other guy wins, and they’re like, ‘Huh? This is BS. Let’s try the other way.’ This is what we’ve done in this country over and over and over again. We go Clinton to Bush, Bush to Obama. It’s what we do. We always do it this way.”

“If you change the way people are allowed to go after political candidates, and you change the way you’re allowed to silence and imprison your candidates, then we’re like Mexico,” he said.

“We’re just not assassinating people yet. We’re like a third-world country. We’re like a banana republic. We’re letting things other than the will of the people and what’s best for the people be what’s running the thing. We’re letting the thing be run by the people that are in power, that are corrupt, that want to keep the power.”

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