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Jesse Watters: ‘His Memory Is Slipping. He Mumbles So Much’ | Opinion

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Mental sharpness

Jesse Watters, a Fox News host, responded to The Wall Street Journal’s recent report regarding worries about President Biden’s mental sharpness.

Behind closed doors

Watters said, “Biden is the one having trouble keeping up and behind the scenes, it’s even worse than it looks. A bombshell Wall Street Journal report, 45 sources, Republican and Democrats, all people who spent hours and hours inside, behind closed doors with the president, say he’s not the same person.”

His memory

He continued, “His memory is slipping. He mumbles so much that people sitting right next to him have trouble hearing him.”

Note cards

“He relies on his note cards to make obvious points, pauses for extended periods, and sometimes closes his eyes for so long that people in the room wonder whether he tuned out,” Watters said.


Watters continued, “You couldn’t be there and not feel uncomfortable, is what one insider told the Journal. The president moved so slowly around his Cabinet room that sometimes it’d take 10 minutes just for a meeting to start, and when it did, Biden wouldn’t even know what he was negotiating.”


“Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy told the Journal he kept going back to old stuff and would be shocked when he’d be told: No, Mr. President, we talked about that meetings ago, we’re done with that.”

Critical issue

Republican congressman Ronny Jackson, who previously served as a White House physician, says that President Biden’s mental acuity is a critical issue concerning national security.

Not fit

“The article’s just documenting what I’ve been saying all along: he’s not fit to be the commander-in-chief,” Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, said. “He’s got significant issues, he shouldn’t have the job. You know, it’s a national security issue for us.”

A significant worry

Recent polls indicate that Biden’s age is a significant worry for voters. In a survey by New York Times/Siena College, 61% of Biden’s 2020 voters agreed with the sentiment that “Joe Biden is simply too old to effectively serve as president.”

Well sourced

“I think that the fact that it came out like this, and is so well sourced, tells me that this might be the left’s first attempt to start laying the groundwork to get rid of him,” Jackson said.

Bipartisan concerns

Former White House physician and current congressman Jackson, highlighting bipartisan concerns, suggested it might signal the start of a potential political challenge against the 81-year-old president.

Cognitive assessment

Jackson informed Fox News that he has dispatched five letters to the White House since Biden assumed office in January 2021, pressing for a cognitive assessment and public disclosure of the outcomes.


Regrettably, he stated that all five letters have been ignored without a response. “I don’t know if it does any good to send another letter at this point,” Jackson said. “They’ve ignored them all.”

Legislative accomplishment

White House spokesman Andrew Bates said, “Congressional Republicans, foreign leaders and nonpartisan national-security experts have made clear in their own words that President Biden is a savvy and effective leader who has a deep record of legislative accomplishment.”

False claims

“Now, in 2024, House Republicans are making false claims as a political tactic that flatly contradict previous statements made by themselves and their colleagues,” Bates said.

Hit piece

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., also added, “Many of us spent time with [the Journal] to share on the record our first-hand experiences with [Biden], where we see his wisdom, experience, strength and strategic thinking. Instead, the Journal ignored testimony by Democrats, focused on attacks by Republicans and printed a hit piece.”

The January meeting

“I made clear to the [Journal] regarding the January meeting on Ukraine that the President was absolutely engaged & ran that meeting in a way that brought everyone together. I’m not quoted — I wonder why,” Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. kirk harlen

    June 10, 2024 at 11:21 pm

    old Joe is to mentally deficient [check back to see how he even got to the passion? His handlers can’t be presidents and they are the ones giving him directions and they have been wrong all of the time

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