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F-35 Poses Major Threat That Russia Can’t Match

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Stealth features

The F-35, known for its grace and advanced stealth features, is a fifth-generation fighter designed for network connectivity and data sharing.


Despite its refined image, the F-35 is versatile and capable of being reconfigured into a straightforward bomb-carrier mode called “Beast Mode.”

Contested airspace

The F-35, designed with stealth technology, excels in entering contested airspace and engaging enemy targets while aiming to establish air superiority.

Stealth mode

In stealth mode, the F-35 can carry up to 5,700 pounds of ordinance, enabling configurations like four AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles or a mix of AMRAAMs and GBU-31 JDAM bombs.

Air superiority

When air superiority is achieved and the need for stealth diminishes, the F-35 can switch to “Beast Mode,” utilizing external hard points to maximize firepower.

Missiles and bombs

In this mode, the F-35 can carry significantly more ordinance, totaling 22,000 pounds with a mix of missiles and bombs.

Sidewinder missiles

For air-to-air missions, it can have 14 AMRAAMs and two AIM-3x Sidewinder missiles, while hybrid configurations include AMRAAMs, Sidewinders, and JDAM bombs.

Beast Mode

Although the firepower boost is substantial, operating in Beast Mode reduces the F-35’s range to 1,400 kilometers, half of its usual operational range.

Trillion dollar cost

Although it may seem unusual to utilize the advanced F-35, a fifth-generation jet and supercomputer, primarily as a bomb carrier when older aircraft like the F-16 or B-52 can fulfill this role, the staggering 1.7 trillion dollar cost of the F-35 program challenges this notion.

Significant investment

Maximizing the value of such a significant investment is crucial, leading to the development of the Beast Mode configuration.

Air defense

Given the U.S.’ tendencies in conflicts with basic air defense systems and prolonged occupations, the F-35 must have capabilities beyond stealth and initial air defense system elimination.

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