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Justice Clarence Thomas Called Out As He Condemns Washington, D.C.

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Justice Clarence Thomas

During a court conference, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas expressed that he and his wife had encountered “nastiness” and “lies” in recent years. He also condemned Washington, DC, labeling it as a “hideous place,” as reported by NBC News.

Harsh environment

During the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference, which handles federal cases from Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, attended by judges, lawyers, and court personnel. Justice Thomas made the statements in response to a question about operating in what seems to be a harsh environment.


His comments were a reaction to the criticisms he has faced. Thomas said, “I think there’s challenges to that. We’re in a world and we – certainly my wife and I the last two or three years it’s been – just the nastiness and the lies, it’s just incredible.”

Horrible things

He added, “But you have some choices. You don’t get to prevent people from doing horrible things or saying horrible things. But one you have to understand and accept the fact that they can’t change you unless you permit that.”

Luxurious trips

Thomas has faced criticism for reportedly taking luxurious trips from a Republican donor without disclosing them. In a statement last year, Thomas maintained that he was not obligated to report the vacations as they were funded by one of “our dearest friends”.

Ginni Thomas

Additionally, Clarence Thomas’s wife, conservative activist Ginni Thomas, received scrutiny for sharing unsubstantiated claims of corruption involving President Joe Biden on her Facebook profile.


While he did not directly respond to the specific criticisms, he cautioned that “reckless” individuals in Washington who act irresponsibly would “bomb your reputation”.


Thomas mentioned, “They don’t bomb you necessarily, but they bomb your reputation or your good name or your honor. And that’s not a crime. But they can do as much harm that way.”

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle

Interestingly, US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who previously served as a law clerk for Thomas and later ascended to the federal court, posed questions to Thomas during the hearing.

Regular people

The most senior justice on the court discussed a range of topics for an hour, touching on his grandfather’s wisdom, relationships with former colleagues, and his belief that court materials and discussions should be accessible and understandable by “regular people”.

Professional career

Furthermore, Thomas expressed his strong aversion towards Washington, DC, where he has spent the majority of his professional career.

Hideous place

Thomas said, “I think what you are going to find and especially in Washington, people pride themselves on being awful. It is a hideous place as far as I’m concerned.”

Criticized and ridiculed

Numerous social media users criticized and ridiculed Justice Clarence Thomas after he referred to Washington as a “hideous place”. Someone commented on X, stating, “He can quit anytime he wants.” Another individual contributed, “Then retire, Justice Thomas, get in your trailer bus and live elsewhere. Easy.”

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