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‘We’re Going in There’: Netanyahu Vows To Destroy Hamas in Rafah

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed a disagreement with the Biden administration over a major military operation in Rafah but emphasized Israel’s dedication to defeating Hamas.

Hamas battalions

Netanyahu, speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, noted the presence of four Hamas battalions in Rafah and stated Israel’s commitment to not letting them go unchallenged.

Reclaiming Gaza

He indicated readiness to take essential measures to prevent Hamas from reclaiming Gaza and engaging in destructive actions, citing past violent occurrences.


The prime minister likened the situation to the Allies leaving a portion of the Nazi army in Berlin during World War II, asserting that such a scenario would not be tolerated.

Prevent violence

Netanyahu emphasized that it is imperative for Israel to address the threat posed by Hamas in Rafah in order to safeguard security and prevent further violence.

President Biden

President Biden recently informed CNN that he would halt the delivery of certain American weapons to Israel if they proceed with a large-scale invasion of Rafah, a region that shelters half of Gaza’s 2.3 million residents, as reported by Reuters.


Expressing concern for the civilian casualties in Gaza resulting from bombings and attacks on population centers, Biden emphasized his stance on withholding weapons if Israel enters Rafah.

Military action

The President clarified that this decision would apply if Israel chooses to take military action in the area, highlighting his intent to disrupt the historical use of such weapons in addressing conflicts in Rafah and other cities.

Israeli Defense Forces

Israeli Defense Forces seized control of the Gaza side of the Rafah crossing in mid-May and have since advanced further into the city.

 Israeli military

Despite this, a local resident reported continuous Israeli military actions such as drone strikes, helicopter operations, airstrikes, and tank movements in the area.

Most Americans

Netanyahu mentioned that most Americans, excluding extreme progressive groups, understand and back Israel in the conflict.


He emphasized the bond between Israel and its supporters, highlighting that Israel’s success in the conflict would be a victory for them too.


A recent Fox News poll showed divided opinions among voters on U.S. support for Israel: 32% see it as too supportive, 30% as insufficient, and 33% as appropriately balanced.

Ongoing battle

In the ongoing battle against Hamas, Netanyahu reiterated the goal of freeing over 120 hostages in Gaza and eliminating the Hamas threat. Netanyahu emphasized adherence to warfare rules while expressing determination to confront the enemy decisively and achieve mission objectives.

Never again

He underlined the importance of defending and safeguarding the Jewish people, rejecting vulnerability and massacres with a firm stance of “Never again is now.”

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