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Florida Sheriff Delivers Warning to People Fleeing Democrat Cities

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Florida sheriffs

Recent news has highlighted Florida sheriffs for their firm stance in response to allegations against liberal cities for implementing policies perceived as favorable to criminals, such as abolishing cash bail and reducing incarceration.

Carmine Marceno

The sheriff of Lee County is among those who have taken a strict approach in this regard. Sheriff Carmine Marceno, who hails from New York, is adopting a tough stance against criminals who believe they can “play” in his county. He has issued a warning that he will actively “hunt” and apprehend them.


The sheriff criticized liberal cities for attempting to avoid taking a firm stance against criminal behavior. “My message‚Ķ is clear. If you think you can deal poison and commit crime, stay clear of Lee County and all the great state of Florida. We’re ready, and we will absolutely find you, hunt you down, and charge you to force the extent of the law,” he said in an interview with Fox News Digital.

Seek security

The sheriff also observed a trend where individuals from the far-left are leaving New York and California to seek the sense of security established by the DeSantis administration in Florida.

Political ideologies

However, upon relocating, they tend to support the same political ideologies that led to chaos in their previous cities, according to the sheriff’s argument.

Law and order

“They want to leave California. They want to leave New York. Okay. And then they come down to a state like Florida, where we are law and order, and they don’t change their views,” he said. “You left a place where there’s havoc, where people can rob, steal, loot, do drugs in safe havens. And then you’re upset that it’s so bad there, and you come here and still do the same thing. Same action, same result.”


The sheriff delivered a straightforward message to those who continue to endorse far-left policies: return to the disorder you departed from.

Go back

“I tell people all the time, and it’s probably not popular to some. If you don’t like living with law and order, have a nice day. Leave. Go back to where you came from because we don’t want you here. We welcome everyone to our great state of Florida. But if you think lawlessness leads the way, if you believe that criminals should roam the streets and steal and rob and, God forbid, deal poison to the streets and kill innocent people, you’re not the person we want here. You can go back and live with lawlessness.”


The sheriff highlighted incidents in New York where individuals are being randomly assaulted with punches to the face. “The world has gone crazy,” he said. The sheriff gains widespread attention on TikTok for his frequent large-scale drug busts and videos showcasing him dancing with his SWAT team outside of the closed-down drug locations.


Commenters called him “more gangster than gangsters” and “the best sheriff in America.” “Bro is taking out all the villains and making a diss track of them,” another commentator said.

Search warrants

Since taking office in 2018, the sheriff has conducted close to 800 search warrants and handled over 3,300 narcotics cases, resulting in nearly 2,000 physical arrests.

Stern warning

He issued a stern warning to troublemakers, stating that they would find themselves accommodated at the “Marceno Motel,” a term the sheriff humorously uses for the county jail. The overall approach of Florida sheriffs stands in stark contrast to law enforcement agencies in other urban areas.

Sheriff Bob Johnson

In an April 2022 press briefing, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson expressed the view that home invaders should be met with gunfire as an ideal response. “If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot,” he said. “We prefer you to do that, actually.”


Once more, the sheriff’s remarks have gained widespread attention, particularly in contrast to a situation in New York where a woman was apprehended for attempting to evict squatters from her property. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Johnson reiterated his stance and described it as a “no-brainer.”

Sheriff Grady Judd

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County has garnered attention for advising residents who own guns to turn robbers into “grated cheese.” The sheriff from Florida informed Fox News Digital that the notion of the criminal justice system being racist is fiction” and it makes him want to “throw up.”

Shoot accurately

“I said [at the press conference] if you shoot accurately, and you kill the guy, you save taxpayers money. And I also said that if somebody gets killed during a home invasion, the odds of them re-offending are zero. And we like those odds, which we do,” he told Fox News Digital.


Regarding the possibility of having supporters of criminals in his county, the sheriff of Lee County requested that they refrain from voting for him.


“I’Il tell people routinely, if you don’t like that I stand for law and order, and you don’t like that we incarcerate bad people, I’m not the person to vote for. I prefer you don’t vote for me,” he said.



  1. Jerry Fink

    May 27, 2024 at 10:30 pm

    I absolutely love it! We need more law enforcement officers like these guys throughout the USA. I shed no tears for criminals; it’s their victims & their families that I support. Mushy-headed politicians whose lack of principles condone, encourage or minimize the damage done by career criminals must go ASAP! All US citizens deserve to be free from the debilitating belief that they will be victimized by thuggery.

    Jerry Fink
    Las Vegas, NV
    702-6468691 (I only include my home phone number as evidence I am neither a Robot nor a fraud) BYW, thank you for making it so easy to contact your organization. Many on my MicroSoft feed do not. What are they afraid of? Someone may disagree with them? “Can’t stand the heat; get out of the kitchen!”

  2. Theodore

    May 27, 2024 at 11:43 pm

    My friends and family are very important to me…I’m their first line of defense…As a former combat Marine that still has range day you are fore warned…

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