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Crushing Blow Dealt To Alvin Bragg’s Trump Case — Even CNN Is Warning Him

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CNN Warning

CNN viewers might find themselves perplexed about the network’s current trajectory, considering its well-known clashes with former President Donald Trump throughout his tenure in office.

Manhattan case

A different group of experts concurred that the Manhattan case against Trump is highly unlikely to succeed due to the insufficient evidence presented during the last two weeks. David Chalian was the first to encapsulate the sentiments of the group when he addressed his fellow colleagues.

Direct involvement

Chalian stated, “I’ve seen precious little evidence presented yet that Trump wasn’t floating above. I mean, I’ve seen very little evidence of Trump’s direct involvement in getting this accomplished. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

Trump’s involvement

“No, you’re right. A lot of that’s going to come from Michael Cohen,” CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig said, the Daily Caller reports. “But also there was a few tidbits in David Pecker’s testimony, right, that there were direct communications, but it’s a great point, David. There hasn’t been much evidence yet directly of Donald Trump’s involvement and knowledge.”

2016 election

In the initial stages of the trial, the spotlight was on David Pecker, the ex-National Enquirer publisher, who testified that he collaborated with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen during the 2016 election to execute a “catch and kill” tactic for stories that could damage the Republican candidate’s campaign.


“Prosecutors certainly haven’t proven their entire case, you know, their burden now by any stretch of the imagination,” CNN legal analyst Elliot Williams said. “And in all likelihood, if they’re doing their jobs, future witnesses will help tease a lot of this information out. But something that certainly has not been established thus far, eight or nine days in is, ‘well, what can we say about the involvement of the actual defendant?’”


Pecker labeled Cohen as “prone to exaggeration” after Cohen’s 18-month prison sentence for lying to Congress. This assessment, deemed unfavorable by CNN, is expected to undermine District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case.

Gloria Borger

CNN’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger added the “Need the receipts.” Keith Davidson, the ex-attorney of adult film star Stormy Daniels, underwent intense questioning during a cross-examination. Defense lawyers aimed to portray him as an extortionist and depict Trump as a target of extortion, as reported by the New York Times.

Secret recordings

Secret recordings of conversations between Davidson and Cohen indicate Trump’s displeasure with the payment made to Daniels, expressing his disdain for the situation.

I don’t recall

When questioned about the number of celebrities for whom he has pursued settlement payments on behalf of clients, Davidson often responded with “I don’t recall.”


Emil Bove, a lawyer representing Trump, redirected the responsibility for the payment to Cohen, suggesting that Cohen was eager for a position in the White House and felt disheartened when he was not offered one. “I thought he was going to kill himself,” Davidson said of Cohen at one point.

34 felony charges

President Trump is confronting 34 felony charges linked to the documentation concerning the payment to Daniels. Among Trump’s four criminal cases, Bragg’s case is anticipated to be the first to conclude before Election Day and is perceived as the least robust.

Judge Juan Merchan

Judge Juan Merchan is deliberating on whether Trump breached a gag order once more by posting on social media about the case, including targeting the judge. Trump had previously been fined $9,000 for similar violations.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. wj

    May 11, 2024 at 9:22 pm

    My goodness, my goodness cannot people see and understand that this was a money grab concocted for “purposeful gain” by two people that thought they had a real dummy in tow.

    Just goes to show when you are rich you cannot even trust the little ole ant crawling across the floor, as it believes you are in it’s territory, and maybe so, but sponging money out of another’s pocket because you are greedy is the worst ever heard of.

    Trashing himself as a lawyer is the best part of this whole story and I personally just love the outcome that he will get.

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