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Federal Judge Delivers Blow to Case On Ammo Background Checks

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Ammunition background check

A recent controversial federal court ruling in New York has reignited discussions on the legality of the state’s ammunition background check rules. The decision by U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci, Jr., appointed under the Obama administration, is a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal fight over gun control.

Geraci's ruling

Judge Geraci’s ruling referred to a 1756 colonial Virginia law that banned Catholics from owning weapons to support his stance. He argued that this historical law reflects a long-standing tradition of limiting firearm access for potentially dangerous individuals.

Second Amendment

Despite recognizing ammunition as protected under the Second Amendment, Geraci supported New York’s background check law. This verdict prompts debates on balancing individual gun rights with public safety and the interpretation of old laws in today’s legal landscape.


Geraci’s comparison of the colonial Virginia law with New York’s current regulation highlights the intricate nature of historical analogies in legal decisions, emphasizing the complexities of applying past statutes to modern contexts.

Core issue

The core issue in the case centers on the practical application of New York’s ammunition background check system, sparking disagreement among involved parties.

State police

While state police assert that most checks are swiftly processed, feedback from gun store owners and plaintiffs paints a contrasting picture, highlighting frequent delays that impede sales and customer satisfaction.


These delays have significant consequences for both gun owners and businesses in the state.

Business owners

Business owners like Cory from On Target Firearms in Webster stress the negative impact on revenue and customer service, underscoring the necessity for a more effective and dependable system.


Despite official claims of minimal delays, firsthand experiences from affected individuals reveal a different reality.

Gun control

The discrepancy between official statements and real-world encounters emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in enforcing gun control measures.

Gun rights

Following Judge Geraci’s ruling, advocates for gun rights and individual plaintiffs are exploring options for appeal.


By gathering additional testimonies from impacted parties, they seek to challenge the dismissal and push for a more nuanced approach to gun control laws.

Legal dispute

The outcome of this legal dispute will have widespread implications for the exercise of Second Amendment rights not only in New York but also across the nation.


As discussions on gun control evolve, the delicate balance between personal freedoms and public safety remains a central point of contention in the ongoing dialogue on firearm regulations.

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